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Mike Elliott´s Advice on EQ-frequencies

(Posted by Mike Elliott on

50 Hz


"Hip hop" bottom. stay away from this unless you are mixing with and for subs.

80 Hz


Solid bottom end.

100 Hz


"warmth" for low end, use SPARINGLY!

125 – 250 Hz


Mud. Lose it.

300 – 600 Hz


Fundamental frequency for most instruments, best left alone for the most part.

600 – 900 Hz


Almost always subtractive to lose "nasal" quality

1 – 2 kHz


Irritating. Perceived by dummies as "loud" (Peavy guitar amps). 2k and up a bit can be useful for Bass Guitar presence/definition.

3 – 4 kHz


Presence for low end inst.

5 kHz


Presence for mid range inst. Damn near all of 'em (fundamental for Piccolo, screw 'em).

6 – 8 kHz



8 – 10 kHz



10 kHz and up


Air. The higher you go, the more you can use. Season to taste.

General EQ principles:

Use as little as possible, applied in very small increments. Subtractive EQ whenever possible.

Try not to duplicate EQ from inst. to inst. ALWAYS make your final EQ decisions in the mix, not soloed.

Worlds oldest, and best, engineering tip:

Solo your inst., boost level, narrowest Q possible, then sweep through your frequencies till you find what you DON'T like, cut it. (a little, don't go overboard).